open relationship

does that mean you share the passwords of each and every thing that you have/access?
all the mails? all the bank accounts? all the sites that you access?
what do you do when you realize that your spouse was the one who hacked your account and dared to change the password of your email account?
before marriage.. you clearly tell him what your interests are and what few you “REALLY” want to pursue even after marriage.. like playing a couple of games like Volleyball/tennis.. not religiously but whenever there’s an opportunity to play with your friends and catch up in that way…
is it a crime to come home a lil after 10 PM after a good birthday dinner with a couple of your close friends and you have gone alone there coz your spouse lives in a different city? does the world still care about those restrictions? do anyone think bad of such women? does anyone have time to take such notices and talk?


One Response to “open relationship”

  1. varun Says:

    Trust….that’s what it takes for any relationship to make and break…If you don’t trust your partner that’s the worst relationship to be in…. If you dont trust your partner you always have these scary thoughts in your mind…where is she now?? why is she not picking up my calls? blah blah..

    Guys especially are more possessive about their partner….. and most of them want to be in control of the situation….I wish people will start letting go….rather than holding on to things….Hang in there…hope that the other person realizes what you really want..

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