Yet another weekend full of cat fights.. I’ve started dreading the weekends.. I’m so happy with the weekdays.. so much of activity .. so much chaos waiting for me to resolve, I love that part of my day… I dread the evening when everyone looks forward to go home and I hate the thought of being on phone non stop without any normal talk except for the words flowing from here and there being ‘bolo’
If I think of it and start counting.. there’s NOT even one weekend that hasn’t gone bad.. every weekend similar topics.. same shouting, screaming, crying….
WHAT SHOULD I DO? I never thought I’m so negative in thinking but these days I just cant seem to see anything positive in life…

It’s 11:30 pm and again it starts… I had such a peaceful thing going on till now.. complete silence.. and then a perfect movie ‘He’s just not that into you’.. and here it comes.. the call that I dread and the argument starts all over again… you are not interested in coming here.. you can live on your own .. you don’t love me blah blah blah…
I’m tired of explaining… recession times, savings and all that … time for me to give up… just go by the flow..
neither my parents are of any help.. they say I should adjust..be like a girl.. be patient.. be happy that I’m married and he loves me so much..they are happy in my happiness… I can’t even cry to them…
I’m tired of my lonely tears…
I want to live a peaceful life.. any clues? any ways?


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