Guess no would welcome Monday like I do.. 🙂
though its not going to be the same for me any more.. I was supposed to start the ‘END’ for all this fun and excitement that I have… anyway that start the ‘End’ has got postponed to tomorrow though I initiated the mail with my manager much against my will after that bitter conversation that I had last night with my husband 😦
Otherwise day was pretty okay.. not much happening.. scheduled couple of sessions, attended a role-group meeting over the call with my India office then the call with my team 🙂

Then the disaster again.. managed to close the call sharply at 10 PM and then called the number that I dread…
but again my office phone rang and doooom… all that peaceful talk for peace are out of the window and here I’m shouting at the top of my lungs and trying to make him understand that its not sin to take an office phone call specially when they need help once in a while at 10.30PM

Anway I’m putting an end to all this tomorrow.. why can’t he adjust for a while? WHY?????

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