Beginning of the End


9 years ago.. I wasn’t sure where I was heading and then the magic happened and I landed with the job on the first day of the Campus interview with the first company for that year and which used to be the most preferred one at that time..
and my friend had mentioned to me that since I write diary, I should definitely make a not of that day when I got the job (I’m talking of 2000-2001 when the previous recession was looming around us) but I was so elated I didn’t do it

and today I marked the End of that beautiful journey with my own hand.. when everyone out there is fighting for a job.. I resigned from a Well paying job which also had promises of keeping me occupied atleast for the next 2 years, where in I was part of a team which had one of the product components that is being talked about by most of the folks in the US and definitely by one who’s Tech savie…
(a product which can help you locate when you lose something)

I felt sooooo numb that I couldnt do anything last night and so journalling it out today
but the talk with my manager went so smoothly and his re-assurings.. it makes me wonder now if they expected it? why was he so cool about it? why did he tell me thought family is over the career?

Anyway… I’m seriously unhappy… crying all alone.. sitting all alone in this BIG world with so many people and absolutely NONE to share my sorrow which includes even that person for whom I had to take this step.. that is 😦

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