Photos & Social Media Tool

I use of the well known social media tools and had posted few of my trip and personal pictures there and today after the “peaceful” regular talks about love, sharing, what Is should do next and all that non-sense, we were left with nothing to talk about but as usual he was not ready to keep the phone and going to sleep…
just to kill that unbearable silence, I uploaded a couple of more photos and asked him to check..(and God knows why did I do that!!) and there it comes… you’ve exposed too much details out there this that and blah blah goes on
not even ready to listen that it is open only to friends… then do all 200+ you know? can anyone know so many people? (is it hard to know 200 people when you work for a company with 50000+ people and you’ve worked for 8 years??)how do I trust? what if mutual friends cause you harm?
when it clearly says its allowed only for selected friends and shared with a few… why all these non-sense?
again I break down .. cry my lungs out :(.. tomorrow again I have to continue with the lie that I ate banana &drank ice cold water which is the reason for my broken voice :(((
Why? why all this pain? why can’t he simply trust me and my capabilities?
I can’t call anyone/talk to any one…
exactly the situation I wanted to avoid all my life and here I’m.. directly landing myself willingly by agreeing to marry this guy of all the options that I had…


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