Just trying to keep up with the habit of putting down things.
It had been a more peaceful day though I woke up early, got up late, went to office a lil late than usual office time; was more attentive in the meetings, didn’t call him for most part of the day except in the morning that too because to avoid the blame later that I didn’t call..
Had a very nice time with the team when we went out for lunch though PW, who gave the treat for his anniversary couldn’t get his wife only for the treat..
after it was day as usual.. had meetings, coffee, read The Break Up diaries, did some work and back home by 6.30 PM and then called again not to get into trouble just told going to get the milk..
went to TJMaxx .. got a nice coffee cup & a Denim jacket that I had been looking for, bought couple of household stuff, milk & ice cream from Rite Aid, just when I reached home and was keeping milk for coffee, got his call.. managed it well and then in the name of dinner it was just 5 mins call…
then the team leads called me to appraise of the client visit and it went on for an hour or so..then back to the blogs and reading Her Side and checking all the Blog roll there…

Main concern for the day.. couldn’t fit into the new jeans.. for whatever reason only my stomach flab is increasing though I’m walking more than I used to earlier and controlling the food…have got to do something about it very seriously…otherwise my only chance of wearing all m pretty skirts and blouses will go off and even when I have a chance t try out things, I’ll have to cover myself with the Chudidhars for my own fault šŸ˜¦
Have To REALLY REALLY REDUCE THAT FLAB AROUND and get to some “shape”.. so have spent 30 bucks and have fallen for the trick first time and bought some caplets….


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