• What do I want?
  • What is the purpose of my LIFE?
  • Why did I get married to Him?
  • Why did I agree to marry him when I knew it means relocating to a small town?
  • Why did I marry when all along I knew I don’t like him? I’m not so comfortable talking to him?
  • Do I love Him?
  • How does it feel to be ‘In Love’?
  • How does ‘LOVE’ feel?
  • Why I don’t miss him as much as he claims to miss me?
  • Why do we keep fighting/arguing so much on every single subject? When he claims so much that he loves me.. why can’t he let go of few of his rules?
  • Was ‘V’ really my crush or did I Love him or did he ever love me or had any feelings for me?
  • Why had I consented to marry ‘SB’? Was it just the convenience? Did I had any feelings at all for him?
  • Am I really so emotional as I like to think/show I’m?
  • Why am I so short tempered?
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One Response to “Questions….”

  1. varun Says:

    You are thinking way too much…I dont know you personally…but I think you are confused and not sure what do you want in your life….

    I would like you to ask your self questions like…How much does your work matter to you??? how much does your marriage matter to you??? how much does your husband matter to you??

    If you list the things that matter to you most….you fill find answers for these questions…I know when situations are fucked up…your brain doesn’t function properly and you get all crazy and fucked up questions and you don’t know answers for most of them…

    So take a step back (Take a vacation or go on a road trip…if possible)….and look back at what have you done so far (professionally and personally) and look forward where you want to go….If you are stuck in present with this frame of will hurt yourself more and people around you…

    I’m sorry if this was way too much gyaan for you….but what the heck..I tried to give you my point of view…. šŸ™‚

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