Empty house.. (will be vacating by weekend)
Empty mind
Empty talks!!! (with M)

Today finished reading ‘A thousand splendid suns’ by Khaled Husseini and was thinking that I’m in so so much better position than those girls going through so many hardships in life and still fighting out to make the most of their life
and here i’m cribbing and all that

but again since I came home after the dinner with the team… sudden tiredness, no mood to do anything at all!!
Packing is proving to be stressful… leaving things behind is such a painful thing
packing/keeping/throwing/leaving it!!
the worst of all the pains.. to leave the people that I like here and going to an empty place… to start from the scratch again!!
all I want to do right now is sit and CRY!!

Stressed about
– sending the ‘Good bye’ emails
– saying bye to K
– questions about how I will pass time at home after working for so long
– what plans
– small small things that have to be done before leaving on Friday

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3 Responses to “Empty”

  1. varun Says:

    I might sound like a shrink to you now 🙂 , but this is what I have to say…

    I understand that you are feeling low, sad, dissapointed that you are going to leave your buddies and move away and start a new life….but the point that your missing is…you already know where you are heading too…so Instead of feeling low…try to make the best out of the situations and try to do the best you can….

    I see this tendency with most of the people (Including me)….and the reason i believe is that most of us are apprehnsive to the idea of change….because we are already in our comfort zone and every thing is nice….so why change?? but life has many suprises for us….unless we act according to the situation and adapt as soon as possible…we will have tough time…eventually we will give up fighting and feeling low…but if we do that in the begining of change …you wont feel that life is not that bad…

    I agree with you that life is not fair and you hate it…but my dear friend its the same with every one…

    Dont waste your time thinking about “life is shit, I can’t do this, I cant do that…”…Life is too short for that…adapt and move forward….thats the mantra…

    Again…too much gyaan…too much crap from me…I hope It made some sense…to you…

    • MAIL (Middle Aged Indian Lady) Says:

      I’m getting some help without a fee 😉

      Yes .. you are very right.. Life is too short to worry about and thats exactly whats the cause of my worry… Life is too short and I don’t want to while it away sitting at home, sitting in front of TV or just browsing and blogging…
      Want to get out and do something, make some more memories and make myself useful and not like one more ‘just dependent’ housewife in this foreign land!!

  2. shilpadesh Says:

    Awww I understand how sad it is to leave people behind. Try and look forward to life in the new city……you will find something interesting to do there.

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