Life Changing Events??

A week back..
hands full, mind full of thoughts, surrounded by friends
A Project Manager at a Software company

6 A.M Wake up Mr., have breakfast at the Inn’s dining hall by 7.30 AM and by 8 AM get back to an empty room with 3 TVs and a Wired(a hotel in US with no WIRELESS!!!!) laptop
and a ‘Hung’ status in a foreign land!!
A Dependent???????(How much I hated that word from the beginning and now thats all I’m!!!)
and then mind full of ????????
What next?
how long like this?
consumed by hordes of so called ‘sitcoms’ on TBS!!
Only company being the blog world!! and the some human voice over the TV…
Feeling crippled!! no planning to be done for the day.. no meetings to be scheduled in the cal.. no calls to be planned for after dinner… no ‘real’ person to be seen around..
Missing… missing and more missing is all my mind can do right now..
… the sunshine and warmth of the CA Bay area .. sitting here in the cold weather of Ohio
… the Mac Book Pro, fighting with getting myself to get used to the Windows and this small screen of this hp machine!!
… the lunch plans… against the microwaved steamed bagged lunches?
… the coffee breaks and small chit chats with the set of people who used to make it to the Espresso bar at the same time.. against the 4-6 cups of coffee that I make instantly from the coffee machine!!
… the misunderstandings, the waiting for IM pings, the iChat status

I need a break from my own thoughts… my own self
What is unwinding? How does one do it? How do I make myself accept this state of me?

And then some issues to be worried about at back home.. so can’t even burden them with my worries as my parents are already having some issues with their year old Daughter in Law who wants it out just when my parents were getting ready to spend their retirement life with the new grandson; just when they thought all their worries were over and they can breathe it easy.. this thing hits them hard… they changed cities, left their own home and got themselves used to the busy city of Bangalore in a rented home on a first floor(where my mom has serious knee injuries and can’t use stairs much) and my SIL chooses this time just after a month of having her baby that she wants to live separately…. that too when my brother works night shifts!!!
They think I’m happy over here… I definitely don’t want to cry to them and make them feel worse 😦

Okay.. enough now… take a break!!


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  1. varun Says:

    Oops I mean to reply to this post…but I left my comment on the other one…

    User error!!!!


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