The Day So far

30 Mins : CNN/CNBC
1 Hour: Fresh Prince of Bel Air
1 Hour: Just Shoot me
Now.. Home Improvement!!


2 Responses to “The Day So far”

  1. varun Says:

    I wish…I was like you…You must be asking why the hell you want to be like me??

    I want so many things to discover about things that I like..but I just don’t find enough time…I manage to squeeze in some and do stuff that really love…

    Let me tell you about my personal experience..

    I used to live in a small city in Okalhoma…with total population of 10K…and there was 1 Mcdonalds, 1 Burgerking, 1 Subway and a walmart…but I made the best out of the place and I discovered Movies and lot of blogs about movies…and American Music, etc.,

    I could have easily bitched about my situation…but I didnt…and trust me for a desi guy to live in a place where the only other desi is motel guy is not that fun…and you dont get to eat Desi food for months…I discovered new food, new stuff about America in general…

    Now after 3yrs I will do anything to get back to that place and I still think thats the best 1 yr of my life…

    So think about what’s the best that you can make out of this situation that you are in…My suggestion would be watch movies…If its possible…you will discover a whole new world…


  2. varun Says:

    hope today was better..



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