Had to kickstart this again before I lose myself again in Farm & Cafe!!!

Starting with a HUGE Apology to for not responding to Varun’s comments and disappearing from the Blog world

Wanted to write about
Counting my Blessings (thought during a nice walk on a bright sunny day during the snow days in Oklahoma)
How Addiction to Farmville and Cafeworld has crippled my regular day activities
Life has become a planning commission than live
While busy planning for life… I forgot to Live 😦
Victim of HCS – the House Car Syndrome


2 Responses to “Had to kickstart this again before I lose myself again in Farm & Cafe!!!”

  1. varun Says:


    You should apologise to me for not replying to my comment 😉 Jus kiddin.

    Hope you are doing fine… I’m trying my hand at fictional story telling…I know I suck at it…but what the hell!!!…I just keep on writing… I have moved my blog to http://www.faltugyaan.wordpress.com …yup all the gyaan is faltu and free over there.

    anyways…let me know how u like it… The story is Dosti Naukri and Chokri…


    • MAIL Says:

      Still in the same world.. world of nonsense addiction to some games on FB and not moving forward or doing anything else at all!!!
      Will start writing again (hopefully!!) as there is too much pent up inside !!

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