Most ambitious projects

that are going on in my mind for a while now…

  1. GET MY RESUME READY and START APPLYING!!! (This is simply going on and off for almost a year now!!)
  2. SORT/CLEAN the contents of that 1 TB Hard Drive
  3. SORT/NAME and Arrange that 100K+ Digital photographs
  4. Clean the mailboxes across accounts
  5. Write down my thoughts in this blog and get a good night’s sleep (I keep composing the posts the moment I hit the pillow and when I wake up , I get consumed with the FV and nothing else on the list gets accomplished) .. Now I know what they mean by the word – ADDICTION!! how it hampers your regular day-to-day activities…
  6. Figure out the best way to clean all the E-Waste that we’ve accumulated in our house
  7. Get to that routine of atleast 30 minutes of exercise (Miss all that fun Aqua Aerobics, walking around in that lovely beautiful green neighborhood in TN)

I guess beginning with the above list one bit at a time will also help me clear the cobwebs in my mind and help me see the bright sunshine of the summer (a few days of which is left and I need to make the most of it!)


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