Two posts

in the same day might seem too anxious.. either too anxious to get my thoughts out OR an attempt to NOT lose all those thoughts…

I desperately need a break from this ‘thinking machine’!!

Ok.. here’s what I wanted to write.. last 4 days I’ve been reading up too much.. hopping from one’s Blogroll to others and adding more feeds to my reader and trying to keep up with all and consoling that my situation is not the end-of-the-world situation and I’m SO MUCH better off than many others out there and have to be thankful to the superpower out there somewhere…

These are all some posts that I RELATE TO EACH WORD!!

[1] Job hunting .. specially after a LONG Break.. atleast this girl had a good reason of maternity break but my break was COMPLETELY unfathomable reason in today;s world..
[2] Living outside your country OR Moving back?
[3] Career OR Home Dilemma

Whoever said that Idle mind is a devil’s workshop must have really gone through this hell.. yes.. I had all these family issues even back then when I was working but atleast the 8-10-14 hours at work always re-energized me and specially with the girls’ group talking about nothing and everything during those short tea breaks or simply the time pass with some sweat breaking ball games was SO MUCH fun and now I realize that those were the things that kept me sane..
i had 12-14 hours workdays and Never had any task pending on my To-Do list and now that I’ve all the 24 hours to myself.. the list just keeps growing like the proverbial Hanuman’s Tail 😦
So much of the MOST IMPORTANT things are NOT getting done at all like
[1] getting the bank txn password reset after it got locked out
[2] pending Indian Tax filing for 2 years now
[3] RESUME!!!!!!!!
[4] keeping a tab on all the bank accounts and the Credit cards regularly And also the Utility bills
[5] have almost forgotten how my Expenses tracking xls looked like.. I wonder how I used to tally to the last 25 paise between my earning and spending for the month
[6] check on that Insurance policy terms.. am I supposed to continue to pay or stop now that I’ve paid for 3 years as I thought I was supposed to.. the digital copy is somewhere on this very Hard disk but I just don’t seem to get to it…

Well.. enough of thinking, writing and frustrating/irritating myself and time to GET UP and GET GOING…
See you in a while…


2 Responses to “Two posts”

  1. Rajk Says:

    Hey Sunray!
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my latest post. I’ve been reading your blog and can totally understand the ‘sitting at home’ frustration. And also realised that you used to live in the CA Bay Area; I did too? Where did you live?
    Am adding you to my blogroll. BTW, how did you land up at my blog?

  2. Sunray Says:

    Thanks RajK. I used to live in Cupertino, CA.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Since I started using the feed reader exclusively, I had forgotten about this Blogroll itself !! Havwe added you too.
    I guess I came up on to your blog through your comment on the Preeti Shenoy’s blog on the Positivity experiment posts.

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