Disastrous day

Day was Ok-Ok till afternoon and then I went to the mall to get some ‘essentials’;
But also ended up buying some NOT_SO NEEDED 3 shirts and a Dress a size lesser than I currently can fit into (at 80% off and at 13.97 got easily tempted to get it)
and while paying something happened and my regular credit card didn’t get accepted..tried twice and then tried another card and came home after getting through a long line of traffic jam through the construction sites…

and day was calmer till dinner and then my dad pinged and let me know that there was some transaction alert he got on my Indian bank a/c from a US Store!! and the tension immediately showed up on my face and had to explain to M that I might’ve wrongly swiped my Indian card while trying out .. but the worrying part is that even my US debit card has been charged 😦
A quick call to the Customer service and while the guy there was trying to help.. with my panic and specially M’s questions.. I messed up the whole call and am feeling bad about how the call went (mainly about my stupidity) and not able to sleep at all…
I’m not worried about the money to be exact but..
— how/why I wasn’t careful while trying the cards
— how I confused the customer service rep by first saying I was so sure I didn’t swipe this card and then when M said about other charges and later issues if I was proven wrong and I changed my mind about complaining and to wait for 3 days for the money to be returned as the txn hadn’t gone thru successfully at the counter..
— about how I feel bad about buying CLOTHES that were absolutely not needed
— about my own thoughts/doubts which make me not come clean with M about these things while all along I know he wouldn’t say anything about me buying
— shouting at M while trying to cover up my stupidity/carelessness

Last night also I couldn’t sleep as I was getting thoughts about the positivity experiments and how last year around this time I wanted to write a post about counting my blessings and wanting to write that first thing in the morning today…
but as it is evident .. I didn’t write that post yet…
and tonight I won’t be able to sleep worrying about the day’s events, my indecisiveness about major things (staying in US/moving back to India/ moving to a completely different continent altogether) and avoiding those talks…, how I’ve become so lazy to do even the REAL IMPORTANT things like getting Dr’s appointment!!!


One Response to “Disastrous day”

  1. faltugyaan Says:


    How are you?? I hope you are doing great… was going through my blog after god know how many months… so I Just thought to check on you…

    good luck

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