I Me Myself

To begin with.. here are some FACTS about me

  • I’m 32 years while I write this
  • I was born & brought up in a (which used to be) cool cozy nice place Mysore in the Southern state of Karnataka in India
  • I’m married and I have no clue what ‘togetherness’ means!
  • Right now I work as Project Manager(!!) in a Software Company but soon (in about 45 days) will be ex!! Thats a gift of getting married!!
  • The MOST IMPORTANT person in my life is ‘ME’
  • Reading, Outdoor Games, Roaming around and Travelling mean the world to me

One Response to “I Me Myself”

  1. mummyjaan Says:

    Just surfed in and felt compelled to leave this comment:

    32 years is NOT middle-aged. It’s young. (52 is middle-aged; maybe.)

    (Heck, I’m 34 and I don’t think I’m middle-aged; I’ve just crossed my teens and twenties!!)

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