All that I read

Though I’m a sincere and fervent follower of the Google Reader and collect all my sites collection there.. which today lists almost 100+ and I’m trying to keep up with all of them, just thought of keeping a copy of them here too (and they are not in any order) and.. give a chance for others to check them out if any one stumbles upon my blog some day..

This is my favorite of all… Wake up and smell the coffee
I loved this idea : Wake Up and Smell The Million Dollar Story
Bangalore Blues
Bangalore Metblogs
Bombay Dosti
Che Sara Sara
Abstract City
1000 Awesome Things
Dream On!
Dr. Motion’s Diary
Just a little something
knowprashant -Rants,Chants & A Little Bit Of Wisdom
My other shoes are Manolos
On being Tamizh and a Penn
Good Days & Bad Times
Archu’s Archive
Sayesha on the rocks
Something about Nothing
Just Speaking My Mind
No Dream Too Big
Shub’s Own Space
Life is a cockroach
Life Mysterious
Youth Curry
Good day sunshine
Himanshu – Tandonz
Orange Juice for the Soul
Textual Overtones
This Is My Truth
Twisted DNA
Known Turf
Used to love this a LOTTT and I have no idea why this has suddenly become a by invire only place :(((( – Dreamvendor

Some Technical Stuff too…
Living on the Edge


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